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Join Maine Women in the Arts - Membership information

We welcome new members! We have monthly meetings with a program about some aspect of the arts, and to discuss business and upcoming shows.

The founders of Maine Women in the Arts felt there was an abundance of groups and venues for crafters in Southern Maine, and chose to limit its focus on fine art. The crafts we have at several of our shows is always secondary.

So, if you are a painter, print-maker, sculptor or photographer, we welcome your membership.

If a new member wishes to sell crafts at our December Prelude Fine Art & Crafts Show, they must show their crafts in our July Art & Crafts Show first. This step is necessary in order for new members to becomes acclimated to, and comfortable with, our exhibit process and rules.

You are welcome to attend our monthly meetings to find out more. We alternate between an evening and morning meeting, usually in Wells. See meetings page for more info.

Dues are $40 annually, payable in January, for that calendar year.
For more information about membership, please contact Susan Hilton at susancamphilton@gmail.com 

Best regards,
MWA Chairperson


Blueberry Barrens, Orland, Maine, by Linda Cersosmino

Smile by Jennifer Cooley


Jordan Pond by Camille Sammons


Joanne's, Deer Isle by Barb Berry


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