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Maine Women in the Arts - Prospectus & Forms

Craft Guidelines

Craft form example


Art Labels (In case you need extra)


Helpful Info: Tips, timeline, and to-do list to help you prepare for MWA shows

Show Info for Maine Women in the Arts Members


• All members must notify the Exhibits Chair of their intent to exhibit art within the timeframes delineated for each show.

• Our artwork racks (stands) can fit framed art only up to 30" across. Hanging art must fit within a 30"x30" space. Two 16"x20" (maximum outside dimension of frame) pieces are allowed.

Fine art / 3D or sculpture must have its own pedestal.

The term 'original art' encompasses paintings, photography, fiber art and sculpture.

• ALL artwork exhibited must be for sale.
• MWA is not responsible for theft or damage of works and crafts exhibited


Hanging Work: 2 original pieces. See sizes above. Notify the exhibit chair if you plan to exhibit art at a date specified.
You will need to sign up for three job shifts to make the show possible.
If you are selling crafts, you need to sign up for a second shift.

Backups: Two back-up pieces (label front and back) in a clearly labeled sturdy box. May have been previously shown.


Bin Work: Each member may exhibit 6 matted originals or reproductions.
Cards and Calendars: Original cards shown on your craft table; reproduced cards and calendars on MWA racks. Copies of books written and/or illustrated by member on Author’s Table.


Crafts Tables: In order to have a craft table, members must be showing artwork in the show.
Members must reserve their table space with the craft chair, and their intent to exhibit artwork with the art chair, during the reservation period listed on the show overview.
Each crafter is allowed a 30”x30” space to exhibit their work.
Members must work a 2nd shift, if participating in a craft table.




Beach Hair by Wanda McNiff

Autumn Carnival by Kailleigh Archibald

Standing Together by Mary Elizabeth Grady

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