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Maine Boot by Cheryll Lunde

Jordan Pond by Camille Sammons

Autumn Carnival by Kailleigh Archibald

Joanne's, Deer Isle, Maine by Barb Berry


Standing Together by Mary Elizabeth Grady

Barnstable Harbor by Mary Nickerson

Yellow Butterfly by Maureen Lee

Breaking Dawn at Portland Harbor by Hilary Zayed

Desconstructing Anita by Loretta M. Turner.jpg

Nostalgia by Sarah Martinelli

Selby Garden Koi Pond by Leslie Robbins

Lone Sail by Pamela Browne

Nubble Treasures by Wanda McNiff

Evening Impression by Liza Roderick.jpg

One Step at a Time by Norma Johnson

September Blaze by Pam Edwards

Peaches by Andrea Monaco

Misty Forest by Jennifer Cooley

Trailside Truck by Jodi Rajaniemi

Colorful Pond by Liz Roper

Drift Away by Mary Greto Brunner

Wells Marsh by Pauline Bergeron

Walking the Bridle Path by Marie Wilson Lago

Trailside Truck by Jodi Rajaniemi

Sunflowers Plate by Kathleen King

Basket by Anne Bertucci

Hand-woven Scarf by Holly Black

Snowman Vase by Kathleen King

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